Pine Tree Construction (PTC) is a family-owned and operated business for over 30 years in Utah and California. Our business is built upon honesty, integrity, and high-quality performance. For more than 30 years, PTC has helped owners bring their building dreams into reality. We not only deliver superior construction quality, but we put our clients first with valued engineering ideas to save money and time. Throughout our 30 years of operation, we have always had one goal in mind, Customer Satisfaction.

PTC has taken the time to build a solid foundation of expertise and knowledge that offers our clients in the commercial and industrial fields systematic and ground-up approach for any type and size of projects; including simple remodeling, extensive building renovations, office buildings, schools, parks, retail stores, medical facilities, spas, hotels, multi-unit residential buildings and any other industrial or commercial projects.

We are proud to offer financing to help our customers bring their dreams into reality by choosing a program that will meet their needs. We also accept credit cards and PayPal. By using these products; we can build or renovate your commercial or industrial project. Building on a rich legacy of excellence and integrity, PTC will make your dreams and concepts a reality in a timely manner and affordably with outstanding customer satisfaction through each phase of building project.

We are building partners committed to assisting you complete your project at the best possible price, stay within your budget, and deliver the best finished product to you. PTC will deliver outstanding customer satisfaction through each project.

Establishing a budget, putting together a construction schedule, understanding the permit process and working through the many design decisions to be made, are just a few of the key aspects of our collaboration with our clients.

What sets us apart from other construction firms is our creative and collaborative approach to projects. Our staff experience is strong in the areas of general construction, construction management, design/build and we focus on providing a full service resource that sets us apart from our competitors. Additionally, offering several financing programs to assist you with your project.

Building or renovating any commercial or industrial construction project is a journey. At Pine Tree Construction, we make certain that are customers are pleased throughout the adventure and are content at journey’s end.

We have a very versatile portfolio of projects. Some of our projects include: additions, remodeling, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, apartment buildings, office building, home office, medical facility, retail stores, spas, and tenant improvements.